The Vegepowder™ factory is located in Kyushu, Japan, in the foothills of Mt. Aso, world famous for its scenic beauty and beautiful caldera.  We use only local produce from fields in the foothills of Mt. Aso, the nearby Ariake Bay and tropical Miyazaki areas.  We create the powders while the vegetables are newly harvested and fresh.
Agriculture is an ancient livelihood that has become one of the major economic sectors of the world. However, agriculture is a volatile business, where profitability is impacted by the uncontrollable, such as weather and fluctuating market needs. With our technology, we aim to assist businesses to better adapt to the challenges and hardships.
The biggest challenge for produce farming lies in post-harvest losses and unexpectedly poor prices. Vegepowder™ provides an alternative option for making good use of your crops during such market circumstances.