Carrot powder

Our Carrot powder is full of carotene, high in antioxidants, and naturally sweet.  This makes them ideal for super-healthy breads and baked goods.

Spinach powder

Our Spinach powder has as much antioxidants, lutein, and folic acid as vitamin supplements or kale juice, if not more.  It dissolves easily in cold water and can be dissolved in milk too.

Onion powder

Our Onion powder adds flavor and zest to anything you choose.  A pinch of it in salad dressing or soup does magic. Onion has quercetin, a kind of polyphenol which may have significant health benefits.

Manjiro Squash powder

 Our Manjiro-squash powder is full of carotene, high in anti-oxidants, and naturally sweet.  This makes them ideal for super-healthy breads and baked goods, with its bright orange color, has been especially popular for Halloween-related products.

Red beets powder

Beets are a very good source of dietary fiber and polyphenols, which are getting medical attention as important natural antioxidants.

Tomato powder

The best sources of lycopene are tomatoes. Our tomato powder contain many lycopene and active ingredients.

Olive Leaf powder

Olive leaf was a symbol of heavenly power. Our Olive leaf powder contain many potentially bioactive compounds that have antioxidant activity. Oleuropein is one of the primary compound in olive leaf.




Sports  Vegetable

Vegepowder athlite

Sports Vegetable has as much anti-oxidants, lutein, and folic acid.

Pet Vegetable

Vegepowders for dogs

Red mix is contain beets powder.
Green mix is contain spinach powder.
Yellow mix is contain Manjiro-pumpkin powder.